The big local buzz this week is how National Grid, who has a stranglehold on providing Electric and Gas to the Rhode Island market, was just EASILY ALLOWED to RAISE RATES… in a 3 to 1 vote by the Public Utilities Commission.

Without getting too crazy about this (should they have listened to the people vs did they do the right thing)… the fact remains… a 53% increase on a portion of the bill will result in an overall increase of 18% to everyone who uses their service. The Public Utilities Commission serves at the pleasure of the Governor… soooooo… just remember that the next time you’re in the voting booth.


If you are one of the MAJORITY of people in the Ocean State who thought that National Grid is an unyielding monopoly… and that you have no choice in this matter… I’m here to say – THANKFULLY – you’re wrong. I’m not smarter than anyone else, as I too am a customer of National Grid for Electric and Gas. But I just learned that options exist. So I feel it’s my duty to share what I’ve learned so far.

As of right now only 13% if Rhode Islanders “shop” their electricity with alternate suppliers. A website called EMPOWER RHODE ISLAND allows us all to do that. It lists all of the energy suppliers who have been vetted by the Division of Public Utilities.  Customers can plug in their current energy usage and how much they’re paying. Then. they can SHOP AROUND for other deals. Be sure to click on “plan details” for each company to see how long the rate being offered will last.

Also… if you happen to switch to another company and lose power during a storm… you would STILL contact National Grid at no extra cost – as they would still be the company DELIVERING your electricity, even though they are not “SUPPLYING IT” – if that makes any sense.

Either way… here’s that link again… check it out: EMPOWER RHODE ISLAND

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