Some families downsize their homes. Some families are looking to supersize their homes. And some families do BOTH at the same time… by buying in to IN-LAW living.

Whether it’s done out of love for a tight-knit family, fiscal frugality or fiscal necessity… multi-generational living has been a staple of New England since the first settlers arrived to colonize the New World. And it’s not going away any time soon.

I’ve been fortunate to be an integral part of many transactions where family members from two – or even three – different generations sold off their homes, to combine their resources under one roof. It’s certainly not for everyone. While the upsides include replicating Thanksgiving dinner every Sunday, balancing domestic duties, in-house babysitting or taking care of older family members… the downsides are each and every one of those same things… if you happen to be more of a privacy seeker and/or not keen on being so close on a day-to-day basis.

Either way… there are many people who consistently ask for two things when I’ve been hired to handle their home search… FINISHED BASEMENTS… and IN-LAW APARTMENTS. So without further adieu… just click the link, below,  to see the list of the:


Whether MONEY IS NO OBJECT… or if EVERY PENNY COUNTS… for more information on YOUR MARKET, or on a specific property, please reach me for REAL ESTATE in the OCEAN STATE.